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1. Classrooms- The College has 10 spacious, well lit classrooms. All Classrooms are equipped with black or green boards and furniture.

2. Computer Lab- There are one lab within the college with 10 computers, and Internet facilities for the students and teachers. The entire college campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

3. Laboratories- The College has two well maintained laboratories for Education and Geography discipline. Apparatus are available for reference and use by the staff and students.

(i.) The apparatus used by the Education Lab are: Memory Drum (Manual)- 04, Tachistoscope- 16, Mirror Drawing (Manual)- 05, Maze Box (Manual)- 05, Maze Box (Electrical)- 03, Stop watch- 06.

(ii.) The instruments used by the Geography Lab are: Protractor (180⁰)- 05, Scale (12”)- 02, Set square- 05, Set square (with scale)- 05, Tracing Sheet- 01 Bundle, Globe- 02, Planimeter- 02, Prismatic Compass- 02, Dumppy’s Level- 01, Toposheets- 10, Weather Map/Chart- 05, Tap- 01, Plumb bob- 01, Steel Chain, Wooden Stand/Board- 3+1, Wet and Dry bulb thermometer- 01, Maximum and Minimum Thermometer- 01, Theodolite- 01, Tracing Table- 01, Arc GIS Software (Currently not active)- 01, Computer Set (Desktop) (Not active)- 01 Set, Rotameter- 01, Satellite imagery- 03 Sets, Mirror Stereoscope in wooden box- 02, Aerial Photograph- 02, Garmin Hand Hold GPS- 01, Departmental Library- 01.

4. Music instruments- With the help of musical instruments students are taught college song and traditional compositions with improvisation. The music instruments used by the College are: Tabla, Speaker, Music Player etc.

5. Seminar Room- College has 1 seminar room known as Digital Meeting Room. This room can accommodate up to 50 to 55 persons. This room is frequently used for seminars, talks and lectures by external professionals. It has an LCD projector.

6. Library- L.G.B Girls’ College has a Central library with an impressive collection of books, magazines, reference books, newspaper and journals. The library with its spacious reading area provides an ideal atmosphere for the academic pursuits of the students. It also provides broad-band internet facilities for the students. Xerox facility is also available in the library at a nominal rate. The library remains open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m on all working days. The library of L.G.B Girl’s college is providing a well equipped computerized library through which students can have access to various e-journals, e-resources from all over the universities of the country. Library rules are-

Library opening hours: 10.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M
Issue Time: 11.00 A.M to 3.00 P.M
Number of book issued per card-
Degree (Major): 2 Books per card
Degree (General): 1 Book per card
H.S 1st Year: 1 Book per card
H.S 2nd Year: 1 Book per card

7. Hostel- A newly constructed Girls’ Hostel will function from the academic session 2017-18. Spacious rooms with bathrooms, adequate moving space and proper ventilation in the rooms, dining hall, common room and hygienic and nutritious food is provided in the hostel. The hostel has an intake capacity of 33 students and every effort is made by the college authorities to make the students feel at home. The internal management of the hostel is looked by our Hostel Warden, Mrs Barnali Devi, Programme Officer, NSS, who resides in the hostel premises. The hostel is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the town, thereby providing an ideal atmosphere for the students not only to grow academically but also to socialize with their peers. Accommodation will be provided on merit basis.

8. Indoor Stadium- L.G.B. Girls’ College has a newly constructed indoor stadium and a wide variety of games and sports such as Badminton, Table-Tennis, Carrom, Ludu, Cricket, Hockey, Volley ball, Yoga etc. are conducted which provides immense opportunities to the students to develop their physical and mental health, under the guidance of a skilled physical education teacher.

9. Pure Drinking Water Facility- L.G.B Girls’ college also provides pure drinking water facilities at different blocks of the college and water cooler. The entire pure drinking water facility of the college has been donated by Shri Anand Jiban Singla, Tezpur, in loving memory of his late wife Prem Rani Singla.

10. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) - College campuses pose many unique challenges when it comes to security. Hence, for the purpose of security and safety, the entire campus of L.G.B Girls’ College is under CCTV surveillance. From Indoor stadium to library, classrooms to corridors, CCTV is installed to ensure the safety of the students, faculty members as well as to monitor the different activities of the college and its facilities.

11. Teacher’s Common Room- The College has 10 Departments and each of them have separate teacher’s common rooms. They have chairs, table, book shelves and other accessories.

12. Office- The College has one Office block. It has computers with internet connection, printers, Xerox machine, phone and all technical accessories. The non-teaching staff has separate working tables and computers.

13. Girls’ Common Room- The College ensures privacy for the girls by providing a spacious well-lit and aerated Girls’ Common Room. The room has an attached washroom, enough chairs and benches, and provides a recreational ambience.

14. Canteen- The College Canteen has been functioning efficiently since its inception. The objective of it is to provide wide range of food items with proper sanitary conditions by assuring food safety and quality. The canteen also provides efficient catering service for college functions. It is run by some experienced person. The College management is fully committed to keep the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all the concerned including the staff and the students.

15. Car & Bike Parking and Cycle stand- Car & Bike Parking and Cycle stand provide campus bike parking security, stability, and safety. The stands are open for all and easy-to-use.

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