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Play Pool Rummy Real Cash - Win Daily Prizes! - 7Cric India

Learn how to play pool rummy real cash 101 & 201 pool rummy and Get ₹100 Daily Bonus - Earn real cash playing rummy online.

Learn how to play Pool Rummy real cash 101 & 201 Pool Rummy and get ₹100 Daily Bonus. Earn real cash playing Rummy online!

Rummy is a family of matching-card games distinguished by similar gameplay centered on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and suit. The main purpose of any Rummy card game is to construct melds consisting of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank, or runs, three or more cards in sequence of the same suit. 

Get to Know Pool Rummy Real Cash

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. For a very long time, it has been an intrinsic part of our culture and tradition. The Rummy game is popular because of its simplicity and endless enjoyment factor. People in many areas of life enjoy playing Rummy, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

What Exactly is Pool Rummy?

Pool Rummy real cash is a popular Rummy variant in which each player is dealt 13 cards. The goal of this fast-paced game is to score the fewest points possible. While many people like Pool Rummy, many find the procedure of arranging the game at their homes to be time-consuming, limiting their ability to play as frequently as they would like.

Playing Pool Rummy online is an excellent answer to this problem. This page will explain what Pool Rummy is, how to play Pool Rummy, and the Pool Rummy rules.

The winner of each deal receives 0 points, and the remaining accrued points are added to their score. When a player's score surpasses the maximum number of points on the table, for example, 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool, they are eliminated.

How Do Auto Drop Points Function?

Throughout the game, every player has the ability to exit the game. Drop point varies according to the Pool Rummy online format.

A player can drop at any time during a Pool Rummy game by using the 'Auto Drop' button. This player will thereafter be removed from future transactions and given the first drop score (i.e. 20 points in 101 pool or 25 points in 201 pool).

This player can rejoin the table by clicking the 'I'm Back' button. The points gained by this player before being dropped will be added to his total.

Printed Jokers

If a printed Joker is chosen as the joker for a game, players can also use an Ace card from any suit as a joker in their sets and/or sequences.


A player is eliminated from a Pool Rummy table when his or her score hits the maximum number of points allowed on that table. In a 101-point pool, for example, a player gets eliminated once his score hits 101 points.

Split Prize

If players want to split the prize money in Pool Rummy, they can utilize the 'Split' option. The split option will act based on the number of drops left for a player. The amount of drops remaining is the number of times a player can drop a game and still remain in it. Only mutual understanding among the players with whom the prize money will be split for the Split option to work. If any player declines the split, the option will not work.


Arrange the 13 cards in your hand in sequences or sets. Each player takes turns picking and discarding a card from the closed/open deck in order to complete sets and/or sequences. To declare your sets and sequences, move a card to the finish position. To declare, the player must display the cards in his or her hand by organizing them into sets/sequences and selecting the 'Declare' button.


You must declare at least two sequences to complete the game, one of which must be a pure sequence.

How to Play Pool Rummy Online?

Pool Rummy online is played with a minimum of two and a maximum of six players at 7Cric.

At the start of a new game, each player is dealt 13 cards at random.

As the joker enters the game, a wild card is selected. If the printed joker card is used as the joker, the Ace card of any suit can be used as a joker. A joker can be used in place of any other card. For instance, if you have a possible sequence with the cards 7 and 9, you can make an impure sequence by using the joker card instead of an 8.

During your turn, you can choose a card from either the open or closed card deck. You must discard a card from your hand when you pick up a card. When you play online, all discarded cards are displayed in a separate page so you may see what other players have rejected.

You must choose your cards with a specific goal in mind, such as creating a sequence or a set. A sequence is a series of consecutive numbers such as 5,6,7, whereas a set is a collection of the same number from different suites such as 9 of diamonds, spades, and hearts. Here's how to create sequences and sets.

You must have the fewest points possible at the end of the game. You gain 0 points for creating a sequence or a set. Other players are then awarded points based on the cards in their hands. Naturally, you should try to create a sequence as soon as possible.

How to Play 101, 201, and 61 Pool Rummy?

When playing Pool Rummy 101, 201, and 61, you must remember these following points:

101 Pool Rummy

Players employ all of the cards in the deck, from the Ace to the King, as well as all four suites. In this form, players use the printed joker and must ensure that the other players score more than 101 points. If a player reaches 101 points, he is eliminated.

201 Pool Rummy

Players utilize the identical cards as in 101 Rummy, but they must ensure that the other players get points above 201 while keeping their own points below 201.

61 Pool Rummy

A player is eliminated in 61 Pool Rummy if he obtains 61 points. This is a sped-up variation of Pool Rummy.

How to Calculate the Winnings?

At the end of every game, the winner receives the amount of money calculated with this following formula:

Winnings: (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) - 7Cric Fees

For instance:

Players pay a fixed entry fee, which is used to create the prize pool. The winner of each trade receives 0 points, while the rest accumulate points that are added to their score. Assume 5 people sign up for a Pool Rummy game with a ₹50 entry fee. This game's prize pool will be ₹250. The winner will receive ₹50 multiplied by 5=₹250. This will be credited to the winner's 7Cric account after the 7Cric Fees have been deducted.

7Cric's Exclusive Pool Rummy Features

If you lose a game, you can rejoin it by paying the game's entry fee.

Your joining points will be equal to the top scoring player in the game + 1. If the top point is 50, for example, you will reenter the game with 50+1=51 points.

*Rejoining is permitted only if no player has a score of 79 or above in 101 Pool Rummy, 174 in 201 Pool Rummy, or 44 in 61 Pool Rummy. This also gives a rejoined player at least one drop chance after rejoining the game.

How Does Pool Rummy Scoring Work?

Choosing a winner: The first player to complete the game objective wins.

  • The game will continue minus the player who finished without completing the objective at a six-person table. This player is awarded 80 points.
  • The winner receives 0 points. The loser receives points based on the cards in their hand and each card is worth a specific number of points.
  • J - 10 points
  • Q - 10 points
  • K - 10 points
  • A - 10 points
  • Jokers - 0 point
  • Numerical cards - same points as face value. For instance, 7 is worth 7 points, while 3 is worth 3 points.

Losers receive the following points:

If a player completes the game without completing the game objective, he loses and receives 80 points.

If a player misses three consecutive turns, he loses and receives the middle drop score of 40 points in the 101 Pool and 50 points in the 201 Pool.

Free Demo of Pool Rummy Game

Here we put a free demo of 201 Pool Rummy, one of the most popular card games in India, just for you.

Try Free Online • Rummy by JILI

Rummy by JILI
Rummy by JILI

In 7Cric India, we provide a free demo for our users and our potential customers to give Pool Rummy real cash a try and experience the thrill of playing the real money game online. We strive to do our best to make our users understand the gameplay before fully investing money on it.

Rules of 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy

Here are some of important rules that you need to know when you want to play 101 and 201 Pool Rummy:

  • The game is played using one or more decks of playing cards by two to four players.
  • Each player contributes money to the pot.
  • A well-shuffled deck of 13 cards is dealt to every player.
  • The remaining cards are arranged in a pile on the table (known as stock pile). The first card in this pile is turned face up (forming the open deck), and the remaining cards are turned face down (this forms the closed deck).
  • The players try to form two melds, which can be two pure sequences, one pure sequence and one impure sequence, or one pure sequence and one set.
  • Players take turns selecting a card from the open deck or the closed deck and discarding one of their hand cards to the open deck.
  • The player who completes the above aim first can call for a show (typically done by saying 'Rummy'). At this stage, the game is paused and the sequences and settings are validated. If the player is proved to be correct, he is declared the winner with zero points.
  • In the instance of 101 Pool Rummy, players are eliminated when they reach 101 points (or 201 points in case of 201 Pool Rummy)

Drop Options

Here are drop options that apply to 101 and 201 Pool Rummy:

101 Pool Rummy

  • Dropping on the first turn results in a 20-point penalty.
  • Dropping on any subsequent turn results in a 40-point penalty.
  • Three consecutive misses or incorrect declarations result in an 80-point penalty.

201 Pool Rummy

  • Dropping in the first turn results in a 25-point penalty.
  • Dropping on any subsequent turn results in a 50-point penalty.
  • Three consecutive misses or incorrect declarations result in an 80-point penalty.

101 Pool Rummy vs 201 Pool Rummy: The Difference

Here is some significant difference of 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy:


In 101 Pool Rummy, a player is eliminated when he or she reaches the maximum score of 101 points. In 201 Pool Rummy, a player is eliminated when he or she reaches the maximum score of 201 points.

Auto Drop Points

In 101 Pool Rummy, the first drop is for 20 points and the middle drop is worth 40 points. The first drop in 201 Pool Rummy is 25 while the middle drop is 50.

7Cric: The Best Online Casino Site to Play Pool Rummy Game in India

7Cric also provides free Rummy games for gamers to practice and improve their Rummy skills before participating in cash games. In 7Cric, we thought of leveraging technology to revolutionize the classic game and we eventually produced online Rummy games that are absolutely faultless, wonderfully smooth, and completely secure to play for both real money and free!

Here are some features that we offer for our customers in 7Cric India.  

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In 7Cric India, you can also play Pool Rummy real cash game on our platform for the best experience possible using our 7Cric Pool Rummy app.

Join us to explore the thrilling world of Pool Rummy online, where you can win enormous cash rewards and bonuses. Additionally, our cutting-edge technology enables every user to play Rummy online without difficulty. We have developed proprietary algorithms that assure fair gaming and equal winning chances for all players.

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit 7Cric India and sign up your account to start experiencing the exciting journey with us.

FAQs: The Most Asked Questions about Pool Rummy Online

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Pool Rummy real cash.

How to play Pool Rummy?

All 13 cards must be organized into sets and sequences. At least one pure sequence must be paired with a supported impure sequence. The fastest player to arrange his cards wins the round/deal of online Pool Rummy. The individual who wins the deal in Pool Rummy receives 0 points.

Is Rummy legal in India?

Yes, absolutely. Rummy is a skill game protected by the Indian Constitution. Playing a skill game like Rummy is legally regarded as a business activity, and the action of playing a skill game with cash is protected by Article 19[1](g) of the Indian Constitution.

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