Publication Title Publisher Year File
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE International Day for Disaster Reduction The Assam Tribune 13.10.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Green Audit in Educational Institutions The Assam Tribune 20.01.2023
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Green GDP- An Emerging Paradigm The Assam Tribune 27.08.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Polymer Waste Serious Problem for Environment The Assam Tribune 14.12.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Tipping Points- Points to Ponder The Assam Tribune 23.07.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Flood Vulnerability of Assam The Assam Tribune 22.06.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Pollution: Control and Prevention The Assam Tribune 02.12.2022
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE A Study on the Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Sonitpur District of Assam and the Role of Government Journal of Xi an University of Architecture & Technology 2019
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE No. of books & chapters in edited volumes/ books published & papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during last five years. Different Publishers
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE No. of research papers published per teacher in the journals notified on UGC website during the last five years. UGC Website
L.G.B GIRLS COLLEGE Mitigating water woes The Assam Tribune 22.03.2023
Subject Title Publisher Year File

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